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The Rental Process


Select from the wide variety of homes available for rent below and have an agent schedule a viewing.

It’s not always easy to find a good rental property on your own. That’s why we’re here. Find properties that are in the ideal neighborhood, within your price range, perfect living amenities and much more. Contact our local office and begin your rental process.

Property no. 4459


  • Number of rooms: 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. 

  • Address: Located in Kitty

  • Price: $85,000

  • Amenities: Water included in rent. 

  • Description: Downstairs apartment, spacious, in close proximity to shopping ports, gas stations, public transportation, place for parking. Secured Neighborhood. 


Property no. 532694


Number of rooms: 2+ kitchen

Price: $75,000

Property no. 4558


Number of rooms: 2 

Price: $95,000 GYD

Spacious apartment located in South Ruimvdelth. Fully furnished

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