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Who are we and how can we help?

Mission Statement  

At Enchanting investments and Realty, we pride our self on integrity, reliability and commitment towards the fulfillment of services and always ensure our clients receive the best services at all times. Our qualified and experienced agents knows that real-estate isn’t just about prices; it’s also about relationships. We match our clients with properties that fit their lifestyle and budget.

Vision Statement

We envision real estate as a service that allows our clients to have more time on their hands to get other important things completed with us taking care of all their real estate needs, weather it might be buying, selling or looking for a space or building to rent, décor, home maintenance we do EVERYTHING HOME RELTED. 
We offer an extensive array of services, including:
    Managing of properties, locating apartments, homes, office spaces, or land our client might want to buy rent or sell. 
    Offering our service to persons who might want to have their home or apartment up for rent or sale. 
    Repairs to appliances, construction, plumbing, electrical services, landscaping, CCTV cameras, alarm and instillation.


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